We grow Self Sufficiency for You!

We grow all the rare and weird plants you cannot find! 

All the plants we sell are grown in our garden.

For your herb garden, food forest or permaculture: we grow and collect rare medicinal plants, perennial edible plants, cool climate plants. All organic and incredibly tough.

We believe that our gardens should be a place of resilience, diversity and beauty in which annual vegetables have their place and perennial edibles too (and flowers of course). You might be too busy, tired or sick and you will still have something to eat, nibble and heal your body.

Our nursery is closed during winter.

Visit our nursery in Katoomba!


Our Botanical Herb Garden

Our garden hosts probably the biggest herb collection in NSW. We grow vegetables, fruits have chooks and ducks, a compost and we brew aerated compost tea. Outside the fire season we are even making out own biochar.

We are super busy weeding (!) and creating labels for every plant with common and Latin names, so that section by section the garden will be opened to the public. If you teach herbalism or you are a herb group and you don’t mind a touch of unfinished wilderness, contact me for a visit on mountainherbs@gmx.com.

Nicola Bludau = Mountainherbs

Mountainherbs is me, creative, unpredictable and a tiny bit chaotic. I’m and Architect and German but discovered that I rather grow things than concrete nature. Being German means that I can be pedantic in the way I explore things and want to know more about it. I like trying to grow as unusual plants, My goal is to provide you with a myriad of  perennial herbs or edible plant varieties. I am mother to two gorgeous teenagers, both of them find plants rather boring.

Michal Sladek - the Methodical Part of the Nursery

I love propagating plants! My whole adult live was about plants I studied forestry in Czechoslovakia which turned out to be absolutely useless in the Australian bush. I changed to something more hands-on and completed a horticulture degree and a permaculture design certificate. For the last 20 years I was working as a horticulturist, nurseryman and educator in the Community College. I run my own gardening business ‘Cycle of the Seasons’.