Artichoke Leaf Tea – Easily Grown in Your Own Garden!


Plant some artichokes or cardoons in your perennial border! It will look amazing, gives you yummy artichokes, or in the case of cardoons hearty winter meals and all the leaves you want for artichoke leaf tea.

Why would you drink such a nasty bitter tasting tea made out of bristly coarse leaves? An elderly Chilean couple who bought several artichoke plants insisted that it work against diabetes.

Artichoke leaf tea is sold in fancy packets and even as extract mainly as slimming tea, to fuel the dreams of women constantly wanting to change their waistline. I doubt that artichoke tea does any of that, moderating cakes and sweets might do the trick though!

Back to that bitter tea (which you will have an near endless supply once planted one or two plants):

Traditional healers in Europe used artichokes mainly for the liver, the gallbladder as a digestive aid, against arteriosclerosis and yes, for diabetes. Artichoke leaf increases bile production, protects the liver, reduces cholesterol, promotes urination, stimulates appetite (here goes the weight loss!) and promotes urination.

Artichoke leaf tea might increase the bile flow, in case you suffer from gallstones ask your doctor before using! Artichoke might cause allergic reactions, especially in case you are sensitive to any member of the Asteraceae/Compositae family. – For educational purposes only! The information is not meant to treat any health issue! –

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