Unripe Fig Jam or the Ultimate Cheapskate

fig tree

The few figs the birds left on the tree won’t ripen anymore. So I thought maybe I could use unripe figs somehow because you can use unripe tomatoes or mangos so why not figs? Here it comes: green fig jam and green means unripe!¬† You will need: figs, sugar and spices (I used ginger and … Read more

Artichoke Leaf Tea – Easily Grown in Your Own Garden!


Plant some artichokes or cardoons in your perennial border! It will look amazing, gives you yummy artichokes, or in the case of cardoons hearty winter meals and all the leaves you want for artichoke leaf tea. Why would you drink such a nasty bitter tasting tea made out of bristly coarse leaves? An elderly Chilean … Read more

Chickweed Salve is Super Easy to Make!

chickweed salve

I still don’t know what to capitalize in headlines buit that’s another story…. To the chickweed salve: salves are generally way easier to make than creams. Creams are not rocket science either but you have to incoorporate the water base into the oil base and that is like making a good mayonnaise, it takes a … Read more

Poke Tincture – the most Beautiful Tincture ever! (Phytolacca Americana)


Pokeberries: I planted one bed together with echinaceas. They look SO pretty! I harvested the ripe ones and threw them in some vodka. I know this is strong medicine and to be taken seriously, but later I found out that small (very small) doses do a lot of good things. The alcohol turned magenta immediately. … Read more

How to tell chickweed apart from other weeds & delicious chickweed pesto!

chickweed salve

Chickweed Abundance! Now it’s chickweed time (however, the pesto is reserved for the warmer days)! If you have no other abundance in the garden right now you will probably have chickweed, provided that your soil is reasonably rich in nitrogen. Use chickweed directly after harvesting, it gets limp quickly. Chickweed is such a delicate herb … Read more