Bed 2: Rarities under the sour cherry and the Japanese maple

polygonum multiflorum

There is a sour cherry with the rare herb lungwort, pulmonaria officinalis spreading underneath. My ashitaba, angelica keiskei koidzumi did not like the cool summer and since it’s biennial I really hope to find some seedlings next spring. It is another rare plant and a super food par excellence. Right beside it there are some holly hooks and I believe they are the dark ones.

In the back you have lovage and a geum species – if it’s white it’s ‘canadensis’ if it’s pink  it’s ‘rivale’

The middle of the bed is marked by a Japanese maple with another rare herb blue passionflower, passiflora caerulea scrambling over it.

Myoga ginger Zingiber mioga is the most cold hardy ginger is grown commercially for its delicious spring shoots and young flower buds produced in autumn.

There is a persimmon tree which grows sidewards rather than upwards and right beside it the extremely rare and sought after Epimedium Grandiflorum or Horny Goat weed,  a healthy clump 50 cm across.

There is a thicket of jiaogulan, gynostemma pentaphyllum, also called immortality tea. This will go dormant in winter. It has to be kept away from the two blueberry bushes.

This bed is a treasure trove! Sanguinaria Canadensis, the famous bloodroot just started flowering. The plant is well established.

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