Bed 3: Perennial Kale to True Primrose


The small bed by the clothesline an eclectic mixture: pictured is the perennial kale ‘Homesteader’s Kaleidoscopic Perennial’ Kale Grex, bred by plant breeder Chris Homanics and offered by the experimental farm network. The plants which came up for me are pretty uniform though. There are some primula veris, the true primrose early spring flowers and traditional German medicine.

primula veris

Salvia miltiorrhiza, Chinese sagetan shen, or danshen is not one of the sages you would plant for ornament but one of the most famous Chinese medicinal plants.

Motherwort (leonurus cardiaca), self sows and I have always a couple of plants popping up every year.

There are also two  Jacob’s ladder plants Polemonium Caeruleum, one white flowering one blue flowering. This herb is rather rare and not often used today.

I imported the coastal yarrow achillea millefolium L. var. litoralis from strictly medicinals (former horizon) seeds in the USA. Apparently, it’s the largest flowered yarrow – I don’t find the flowers huge, but it is aromatic to the max!

Scutellaria laterifolia, commonly “blue skullcap”, “mad dog skullcap will soon be dormant a prime nervine herb.

Another herbaceous plant is goat’s-rue, galega officinalis, historically used with diabetes. Right in the back you will find the willow herb, Epilobium angustifolium. There is also a loquat tree.

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