Bed 4: Completely new, I needed more space!


I finished this bed two weeks ago and it looks pretty bare. It will look worse over winter because most plants go dormant. But the elderberry sambucus nigra in the middle grows incredibly fast. I am not 100% sure here it might also be an elderflower. There are also two new hydrangeas extra selected for its medicinal and tea qualities (yes you read that right!). One is hydrangea macrophylla nigra, the other hydrangea serrata intermedia. You will find more information in the PFAF database for edible and useful plants. There is also purple mitsuba cryptotaenia japonica, described as Japanese parsley, 
Lebanese cress Aethionema cordifolium a very useful edible groundcover for shade. There are enough horseradish plants for you fie cider and skirret (sium sisarum) a perennial antique vegetable.

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