Bed 5: From the Road to the Water Tank


This area is rather biggish and some plants disappeared after the wild weather this year, but many will reappear, I’m sure they did so in the past. I named everything what’s there but the Maianthemum racemostum should come back as several species of Solomon’s seal.  Around the letterbox: There is a grafted walnut tree “placentia” … Read more

Bed 3: Perennial Kale to True Primrose

The small bed by the clothesline an eclectic mixture: pictured is the perennial kale ‘Homesteader’s Kaleidoscopic Perennial’ Kale Grex, bred by plant breeder Chris Homanics and offered by the experimental farm network. The plants which came up for me are pretty uniform though. There are some primula veris, the true primrose early spring flowers and … Read more