An Invitation an New Shipping Rates!

An Invitation an New Shipping Rates!

Let's Celebrate Mountain Herbs!

We are selling from our nursery now! The nursery is open every Friday 9-5 and Saturday 9-noon (closed during winter) and on appointment as it used to be. That has to be celebrated and we are inviting to our inauguration morning tea on Saturday the 15th of December 10-1pm. Herbal teas and free home made treats will be served (you'll get an ordinary tea or coffee if you ask, we don't force anyone to drink herbal brews, but it's an opportunity to try something new!)

The address: 51 Mort Street in Katoomba, simply drop in!

New Postage Rates:

Delivery times are too unpredictable, so I decided to abandon standard postage altogether. To make up for those who really want to buy only one or two plants I introduced a category for this once again. If you wonder why the parcel comes in a plastic envelope, these prepaid envelopes are the only way Australia offers reasonable fees. I would prefer not to use that plastic!

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