An off topic post: 5G is soon coming to a corner near you!

An off topic post: 5G is soon coming to a corner near you!

This is totally off topic and has nothing to do with plants. However, it is an important issue. If you are like me, and can't find your mobile phone for days you might have ignored that 5 G is installed right now (5 G is the new network technology to connect your mobile phone and will replace the "old" 3 and 4 G). My initial thought was that this will "never" make it to the mountains, but the "rollout" is starting already and creeping up the hill.

The telco companies and the government is remarkably silent on the rollout, for a good reason: 5G is hazardous to all living beings, to your health, to birds, bees and plants and the least important - it will have a negative impact on your property value.

Bare in mind that these small 'towers' don't need a DA approval and you will not be noticed by the telco companies until it's too late. At the moment, they are installing as well 4G towers which can later be upgraded to 5G(sneaky isn't it?). If you want to know what the plans for your neighbourhood are, ring telstra, tell  your local representative what you think and let your neighbours know about the issue.

I am by no means a scientist, so I refuse to go into any detail, but there are others who write much more apt abut that topic:

I hope you didn't mind the distraction! Keep cool!
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