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Dreaming a Herbal Botanic Garden

I really really prefer selling to a person rather than stuffing my plants in a parcel, trying to max out Australia post and convince the ladies at the local post office that my dripping parcels do not contain chemicals or anything contagious. It is so much simpler and I can give you much bigger plants too. Therefore, we built the sales stall at our nursery.

This is part of a bigger plan I want to share (and won't mind some of your input). All the plants I sell and apart from the losses, all the plants I've ever sold are somewhere in our garden. And some which I never came around to sell. Many of them are already labeled (there is room for improvement).  And despite we are opening our garden at the second edible garden festival in the Blue Mountains, our garden is still pretty weedy. In case you can look past all these weeds (medicinal and otherwise) then you will find quite a collection of herbs.

After a great deal of weeding, labeling, pruning, mowing and defining clearer pathways we want to open our garden more regular to herb interested folks - a herbal botanic garden.


The whole endeavor is admittedly a bit crazy. the whole area compromises half an acre only and there are chooks, fruit trees, potatoes, vegetables, my whole nursery and even some flowers. Many of the herbs are planted not in a specific order but in a spot which was available just then. That means Chinese herbs share the same shade with European ones and sometimes weak growers are overrun by stronger ones and plants are lost (you would not believe how much work half an acre can be!).

I wonder, who would be interested in a herbal botanic garden? What would be important? Why would you come (or stay away)? How would you use it? How often would I open? Would you connect the trip with a stay in the Mountains?


Clean Themes Collaborator


Clean Themes Collaborator

You are all invited in spring!!! We will drink herbal teas (I do have ordinary tea and coffee too)!

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Maybe you could let students from the various herbal and naturopathic colleges know (or graduates). Because you can study for years and not see a live plant, which is often disappointing. It would have been so great to see examples of the live plants to get better at identifying them,

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Visitors could take their shoes off and wander around stepping on mint and thyme. Sensorial !

Clean Themes Collaborator

Yes I would visit, I live locally and would volunteer to work there.

Clean Themes Collaborator

I would love to visit your herbal botanic garden

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