Harvest your own tea

Harvest your own tea

elderberry teaYesterday, Asako cam over for a cup of tea. As usual, I went in the garden to collect some herbs, elderflower, hoary mountain mint and other herbs. She was really excited about that tea and took some photos. For me it's and everyday experience, but really it is much nicer than  teabags! It's easy to be self sufficient in herb teas even for the most brown fingered gardener. There are all sorts of mints which have to be kept at bay, the hoary mountain mint which does not spread, lemon or  lime balm, nettles, blackberry or strawberry leaves, and many more.

Asako writes a blog with recipes suitable for people with diabetes, the latest recipe is:

Zucchini pasta with creamy, lucious okara alfredo sauce

Just in case you want to get rid of all those zucchinis....





To keep you updated with the 

Edible Garden Festival (remember: first weekend of March) all the gardens are now listed on google maps: Edible Gardens Festival

Nicola Bludau

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