New Plants at Katoomba Garden Gallery

New Plants at Katoomba Garden Gallery

Tomorrw (Friday) I will deliver some new plants to Katoomba Garden Gallery. Very limited numbers only!

  • Acorus Calamus, the American strain, an interesting herb for the mind and the gut and some historical ethnobotanic use. The plants sold in the nursery are bigger th onlie ones, but the containers are a bit makeshift because it's a semi-aquatic.
  • Echinacea purpurea
  • Artichoke violet de Provence
  • Russian Comfrey
  • Roman Wormwood (A. ponticus)
  • Queensland Arrowroot
  • Gypsywort, Lycopus Europaeus,  historically used for hyperthyroidism, as a sedative and dye plant.
  • And more woodruff because it looks so fresh and green now, it is a great groundcover for the shade.
Nicola Bludau

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