honey extractor

Our Very First Honey Harvest

electric capping knife

What would some inexperienced beekeepers do without good advise? Josef came over and told us that it's time to harvest honey together with an extractor and the electric capping knife. The rest was rather undramatic, Michal got stung only five times, the day was stinking hot and the honey flowed out nicely. We let it sit on the sieve overnight because we didn't want to waste anything, but it was really time we got it in the jars because the ants became interested.

His best piece of advise was to let the bees clean the extractor and all the equipment. After a day all the stickyness is gone, there are still small wax particles though.


Nicola Bludau


Nicola Bludau

Poor Michael- no pain no gain I suppose! Thank you for that jar of delicious honey! My kids were so impressed and said it’s the best honey they’ve ever tasted.

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