Herb Tea Try + Taste and Biochar Making Workshop

Herb Tea Try + Taste and Biochar Making Workshop

Herb Tea Try + Taste

Free Morning Tea at our Herb Nursery

Come along and try out homegrown herb teas! Yummy and medicinal, learn about their taste and how to make your own herbal teas. Drop in, no bookings required!

Saturday,12th October 10 am -1 pm and

Saturday, 30th of November 10 am - 1 pm.

Plants will be available for sale.

Make your own Biochar Workshop


Learn how to make Biochar without cumbersome contraptions:

Biochar is one of the ingredients of Tierra Preta, the rich soil the Amazon Indians created hundreds of years ago. Biochar has an amazing ability to hold water and nutrients, the key to abundant fertility.

Learn how to make your own biochar, using that garden waste which can’t go into the compost bin: twigs, sticks, and woody debris.

Of the many ways to make biochar, I teach a simple method, using only a steel drum.

This is a hands on workshop, we will be making charcoal and learn a bit of the thory as well. You can take your share of charcoal with you!

 Come along if you want to have a soil with a difference!

Please leave your phone number or email address. In case of rain we will postpone the workshop.

Two workshops offered:

Saturday, 22th June, 10 am -1pm and

Saturday, 10th of August, 10 am -1 pm. Bookings: 0407 942 114, on mountainherbs@gmx.com or online:


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