Dirty Dozen 2016 - Which Fruit and Vegetables are the Most Toxic?

Which are the most poisonous vegetables and fruit in the supermarket?
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Six expensive carrots in a punnet

How to spend a lot of money in the vegetable garden:
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Nettle Quiche, Variation #1

Need an extra portion of vitamins and minerals? Cook nettles for dinner! What I tried was a nettle quiche...
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Pumpkin Harvest season - Storing and Curing

What to do with the abundant pupkin harvest?
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A Summer of Beans

So many beans!
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Mock strawberry

The 'wild strawberry', which grows up and down the Mountains, is not a strawberry at all. The Latin name of the plant is 'Potentilla indica' ....
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Strawberries - High up in the list of the 'Dirty Dozens'

Don't buy your kids strawberries!

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Comfrey panacea or deadly poison?

The controversy about comfrey:
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GMO Agriculture and Chemical Pesticides are Killing the Bees

How agrochemicals are killing honeybees:
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Glorious Goldenrod

Goldenrod is an easy to grow kidney herb:
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Mountainherbs nursery - launch of online store!

We are quite proud of our new online store!
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