Pond Plants: Easy, Moveable and Useful

water plants

Water and Bog Plants – The ideal Container Plants! Apart from mangroves, water-loving plants aren’t usually very big, they fit neatly in containers and can stay there without outgrowing them. Most of the “water” plants I grow are semi-aquatics. You can use about any container that holds water or for some a flower pot with … Read more

Compost and Lime is not Enough to Grow a Great Crop


Is more compost always a good thing? When it comes to soil, for the organic gardening movement, it’s all about organic matter. Most proponents tell that enough compost and adding lime according to the ph is all you need to grow a great crop on about every soil. I myself used this approach for years … Read more

In defence of the common blackberry

“The old ironic name of “lawyers” for blackberries has been exported from England to the United States: in either case, once in their clutches you never escape! (Perhaps the makers of the handheld wireless device of the same name hoped for the sense of being captured by their product.)” states my beloved book “backyard medicine” … Read more