Contraceptive herb: Queen Anne’s Lace or Daucus Carota

Sorry to all those wanting to buy wild carrot seeds. I will harvest them later in the year and then sell some (a few) seed packets. I definitively won’t sell quantities for using them straight away – there will be seed packets only. Why should you bother growing wild carrots at all? If you want … Read more

Comfrey panacea or deadly poison?

comfrey lotion bar

Comfrey a highly esteemed herb Some think comfrey is a panacea useful to heal wounds, broken bones against varicose veins, cough, cancer, high blood pressure to name a few. Comfrey is a herb which was held in high esteem throughout history by ancient and modern herbalists alike: Dioscorides, Paracelsus, the Australian herbalist like Isabelle Shipard … Read more