Chickweed Salve is Super Easy to Make!

chickweed salve

I still don’t know what to capitalize in headlines buit that’s another story….

To the chickweed salve: salves are generally way easier to make than creams. Creams are not rocket science either but you have to incoorporate the water base into the oil base and that is like making a good mayonnaise, it takes a bit of patience.

Salves are easy. The process is to infuse oil with the herb you want and add beeswax to harden.

Chickweed salve is good for  s. I use it simply as a hand cream. 

Chickweed is so abundant right now that we often make chickweed pesto (unless it’s too cold and we need something more warming).

In case you’re unsure how chickweed looks like, here’s how you tell chickweed apart from other plants.

I followed this recipe for the super strong chickweed salve and it worked out nicely. There are different opinions on how to infuse the herbs into the oil. some prefer a cold infusion, some a hot infusion over a double boiler. If you chose the second one it is very important, that the oil does not get too hot. You can make up a double boiler with a bowl over a pot with three finger widths of water. The cold infusion is simply infusing the herb in the jar, making sure that it is fully covered and shake daily.

For the oil, use any good oil which does not go rancid easily, I use olive oil, because it’s readily available and reasonably priced. Even if you buy the beeswax, the whole big jar of salve woud cost you around $3 and it’s at least four times as big as commercial salves.

You could not believe that this humble herb brought an Amish farmer in jail, he sold just that: chickweed salve! Fortunately, this did not happen in Australia, we all hope that this nonsense doesn’t make it over the big pond. Read about the jailed farmer Sam Girod here:

Susun Weed is always worth a read, here’s her article about chickweed:

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