Chinese Chrysanthemum for a Stress relieving tea, Medicine and our Bees

chinese chrysanthemum
Rare Chinese plant in my garden:

I planted three tiny Chinese chrysanthemum cuttings in late spring – and aren’t they gorgeous (the picture above is actually nor rotated, this is how the stems bend)? I am a bit reluctant harvesting the flowers since our bees love them so much and there is not much for them so late in the season, but I should, because Chrysanthemum flowers are good medicine and make and awesome tea.

Of the two types of chrysanthemums used for tea, the chrysanthemum morifloruma and the chrysanthemum Indicum or Ye Ju Hua, which is the one I grow.

chinese chrysanthemum

The Divine Farmer’s Materia Medica” describes chrysanthemums as a top herb for rejuvenation, energy, blood flow and prolonging life. Researchers believe that the book was written between 200 and 250 AD. I like the book’s title – it sounds similar to Maria Treben’s  Health through God’s Pharmacy – no corporations involved here.

Back to the chrysanthemum: Chinese medicine classifies chrysanthemums as a cooling herb which supports the liver and eliminates toxins. It is used to treat respiratory problems, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, eye conditions, dizziness, inflammation, rheumatism and more. For these conditions, complicated formulas are used, which contain many more herbs than you can possibly have at home.

For a daily stress-reducing tea the Chinese apparently used the same flowers several times -very economic!

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3 thoughts on “Chinese Chrysanthemum for a Stress relieving tea, Medicine and our Bees”

  1. yes we do have them but we are moving right now, either you drop in or you wait until the nursery is moved and the online shop is functional! Nicola

  2. Yes I do! We are actually moving right now and later in a couple of months we are doing more online. Either you drop in now or wait it out! Nicola

  3. Hi! I’m on a hunt for chrysanthemum indicum and stumbled across your website! Would you happen to have any for sale?


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