Rosemary, Tuscan Blue, Rosmarinus officinalis

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rosemary "Tuscan Blue"  grows to 7 feet tall and wide, and is an excellent choice if you want a tough plant, as it is considered one of the hardiest varieties. It is also a chef favorite. " In general, shrubs that grow upright and have larger, broader leaves are better for cooking because they contain more oils.

My rosemary bushed are well clipped because rosemary is not only so useful in the kitchen, but also a super antioxidant, memory booster, prevents  cancer and acts as  beauty herb.
The main medicinal uses are:

  • Improves memory,
  • Relievse muscle pain and spasm,
  • Stimulatse hair growth,
  • Support the circulatory and nervous systems

Richard Whelan
The herb rosemary: super oxidant...
recipe for rosemary cream

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