Calamus, Acorus Calamus 'americanus'

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This is the American strain, which contains no or low toxic beta-asarone. Historically it was used in many herbal traditions as a rejuvenator, against fatigue and exhaustion.

One of its main use was digestive upsets like nausea, ulcers, gas and more. The main modern use is for anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD, mental clarity and study.

American Indians apparently used it as an hallucinogenic and in Ancient Egypt is was believed to be an aphrodisiac.

The rhizome was used in perfumery, as a ginger replacement and the leaves for thatching.

For pond edges, swampy areas or in tubs. Frost resistant.

Synonym: Acorus calamus var. americanus

Other common names: acorus, calamus, sweet flag, sweet sedge, bitterroot, myrtle grass, and grassleaf.


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