Water Dropwort, Water Celery, Oenanthe javanica, bare rooted plant

This semi-aquatic is a strong grower and fills a small pond fast. Please keep away from water courses! Can be grown in a tub or kiddy pool, but not be submerged in water.
  • Perennial evergreen herb to 60 cm
  • Wet fertile soil or shallow water and a sunny position, spreads rapidly.
  • Could be used as a ground cover plant in wet areas.
  • The flavour is reminiscent of carrots or parsley; leaves and roots edible.

Even though the plant is sometimes called 'Korean Watercress', watercress is not a substitue, it tastes completely different.

The picture shows a small pool, maybe 1.00 m x 70 cm planted with water dropwort and some water chestnuts. There is conflicting information on the frost hardiness of water dropwort, it can handle some frosts, but I cannot tell for sure how much. In doubt overwinter a small piece inside, it will fill the pond during summer! The preferred climate of this plant is warm temperate or subtropical.

Common names: Water parsley, Chinese celery, filipendula de aqua, minari, 水芹, Rau Can, Can Nuoc (Viet); Seri (Japan); Komprek (Manipur, India), Korean watercress.

Synonym: Sium javanicum, O. stolonifera.

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