Gentian, Tibetan - Gentiana tibetica, 西藏秦艽, Xi Zang Qin Jiao

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The Tibetan gentian is really looking good now, I like the thick fleshy leaves! Despite being a gentian it is an easy to grow plant.

This rare and beautiful herbaceus perennial plant is used in traditional Tibetan medicine as a stomach tonic, digestion-aid, to increase appetite and the production of digestive enzymes for the efficient assimilation of nutrients.

Historically the fresh or dried leaves were made into a tea or the fresh leaves were eaten. According to some recources it might be interchangeable with the yellow gentian, gentiana lutea.

Tibetan gentian originates from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains of Western China and Tibet and is commonly found at the forest's edge.

It is the easiest true gentian to grow in part sun or shade. The flowers are white. This gentian does not require altitude.

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