Leigh Ogden:  Fully qualified Naturopath and Herbalist for 20 years.  Leigh will be explaining the medical properties of the herbs presented, both traditional and evidence-based.  She will be explaining how to use the herbs, different drying and manufacturing techniques.  Also how herbs can be used in your diet every day for health and wellbeing.

Michal Sladek: Qualified nutritionist, yoga teacher for 30 year and meditator. Michal will be providing information how you can use supplements to improve your health and show some simple yoga or meditation excersises you can do to improve yuor health.

Michal is as well a qualified and experienced horticulturist. He loves composting and has a strong affinity with fire. He loves making biochar.

Nicola Bludau: She's growing all the herbs in the nursery, maintains an extensive garden with many clearly labelled herbs, fruit trees and vegtables. Every workshop will include a visit at least to parts of the garden. Nicola will teach the gardening side of the workshops.

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