Expensive Supplements for your health

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Your supplements grow right at your kitchen door!

Magical supplements –  dried herbs compressed into a pill. Nothing wrong with them, they contain herbs and herbs do heal.  Even more so when you paid a hefty price for it.

One day an Indian guy was looking at my herbs at the COOP stall. He spotted gotu kola, “I’m taking this as a supplement!” he explained. Well, I said, here’s the plant, it grows well in a pot and you never have to buy the supplement again. He didn’t buy the plant of course. How could such a cheap plant have the same effect than the expensive supplement?

I have a friend who likes red wine very much. Despite his drinking habit he is reasonable and takes some herbs to protect his liver – not that this would really help in his case. The supplement he takes comes from a very reputable source. He pays at least forty dollars for it and guess what’s in there? Strawberry leaves and nettle! How many strawberry and nettle leaves can you press in one capsule? Even after drying and pulverizing the herbs, it can’t be all that much. I finally have to bring him these plants over!

If you want to grow cheap ‘supplements’ in your garden, you might find some herb plants in our nursery.

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