Four Reasons to Start a Garden NOW

pumpkin harvest

It seems that history classes are for anecdotal purposes only. We do not learn from history. Otherwise, if we took it seriously, we would realise, that periods of peace, prosperity, freedom and stable societies are always followed by periods of unrest, war, poverty, hunger and chaos. How long does the average peaceful and prosper period last? For sure not eternally, but our society is built on the belief that it will last eternally. How else do we build nuclear waste dumps which need to be guarded for thousands of years and poison vast areas in case of war or chaos?

1. We are too dependent on a Fragile System:

We are more and more dependant on services and systems we have no influence on and which are easily interrupted. Have you ever tried to buy something in a power outage? Even if you had cash, the tills would not work and you will not be served. Just pick your preferred scenario: a power outage like recently in South Australia, war, an attack on the power grid or a natural disaster. How strange is it to believe that these things can’t happen or if they happen that everything will be back to normal in a matter of days. Can you imagine that any of these scenarios last longer, maybe a year? How would you fare? What about food, water, medication? Imagine you lived in Venezuela right now.

2. More Self-Reliance – More Fun!

I don’t want to scare anybody here. There are some good reasons to be more independent of the system. The less money you spend in the system, the less you have to earn and the fewer taxes you pay to keep the system afloat (of course there are good and reasonable uses for our tax money like hospitals, infrastructure and schools, but really, do we need more and more surveillance or paying more government employees to write more laws, rules and regulations?). The less you work the more time you have, time can’t really be paid with money!

3. Choose What you Want and how you want it!

Another reason to become more self- reliant is freedom. The more you depend on big companies, suppliers or the government the less choice you have. If you cook yourself you know what’s in there. If you plant a garden you know it’s not sprayed. If you have your own water no fluoride or other chemicals are added. Of course, that goes only as far as things are not very complex. You cannot build a self-reliant computer, smart phone or the internet.

4. Why you Should Plant Potatoes right Now!

There are damn good reasons why you should plant potatoes right now! Just read the news if you haven’t done that already (but don’t read too long otherwise you won’t get outside!). And by the way – there is a reason why the Irish ate that many potatoes, just remember that crop rotation is a good thing.

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