Glorious Goldenrod


How uplifting are the yellow flowers of goldenrod full of bees foraging for nectar! No wonder it is used against depression and of course for kidney and bladder complaints. I grow two species of goldenrods. One which I could not 100% identify, but it is probably solidago virgaurea, the other one is the Canadian goldenrod, solidago Canadensis. The first one is the taller one. I sell only the plant I can 100% identify of course.

Both plants have very similar properties. Goldenrods are very easy to grow, just full sun and well-drained soil.

I found that the best information about goldenrod can be found in the book ‘Mit Pflanzen verbunden’ written by Wolf-Dieter Storl. Unfortunately, the book is written in German, but nevertheless it’s a good read.

I offer Canadian Goldenrod here.

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