Nettle Quiche, Variation #1

stinging nettle

Need an extra portion of vitamins and minerals? Cook nettles for dinner! What I tried was a nettle quiche (probably not really a quiche). That’s what I did:

Step one: Harvest about half a square meter of nettles, mine were about 30 cm high, which is pretty amazing as I chopped them to the ground only about four weeks ago. I used a plastic bag to grab them but I still got stung, but not too badly.

Step two: Prepare yeast dough, I used about half a kilo of flour.

Step three: Stir into a bowl about 500 ml of sour cream and five eggs (adjust it to weather your chooks are in a good laying mood), garlic, pepper, salt, nutmeg.

Step four: Boil nettles for about five minutes, drain. I then stripped the stems away because they seemed to be too fibrous, however when you only harvest the tops you might skip this part.

Step five: Prepare dough, chop nettles and mix under egg-cream mixture, grate some cheese and top the quiche.

The recipe provides dinner for four and plenty of leftovers for school lunches.

nettle quiche

Next time, I will only take the nettle tops that I don’t have to strip the leaves from the stems. But if you harvest the whole plant, this step is absolutely necessary (I left some stems in, just to know). It would have been better making two trays; there was too much filling for one tray. A bit of flour in the egg and cream mixture would have been good, the filling was a bit too runny.

I offer nettle plants here.


Susun Weed

Nettles for Health

all about nettles, recipes, a website dedicated to nettles)

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