New Orchard enclosure

fruit tree netting
This is how our new enclosure looks like:

This is our new addition to the garden: a fruit and chicken enclosure. I am quite proud of it, although I tried to sneak away from the building site as much as possible (there’s always some potting to do). I think it looks good; more like a circus tent than the usual square enclosure. We did not really plan that, but there was this winding path in front of the house which we did not want to redo. It’s not only nicer the tent-shaped roof lets the snow slide off – our neighbours enclosure broke down under the weight of snow. It’s easier to build than the box, no overhead screwing of timber lengths. You can look at this and another conventional enclosure for vegetables at the Blue Mountains Garden Festival and Trail.

Combining chooks with the fruit netting is very permie: two jobs done with one structure. And fruit trees do grow better with all that free fertilizer from the poultry. Foxes can climb no matter how high the fence is one day they will climb it – we lost nearly all our chicken and ducks in the other eclosure. The new house has doors from the outside for easy access to cleaning out and collecting eggs.

new chook house

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