Open Garden:

herb garden

Why would you come to visit?

Our garden is quite a collection: I haven’t counted the species of herbs yet, but I reckon it’s well over  200 (one day I’ll count! )I do believe it’s one of the better herb collections in Australia.

However, we don’t employ gardeners, it’s just a private garden with a collection, that means it’s not perfect. Paths are narrow and sometimes uneven, some parts are (hopefully) perfectly weeded and some are not. But I do believe it’s one of the better herb collections in Australia.

Over winter we aspire to be good and weed and name tag everything clearly so that from spring onwards we can open our garden. I won’t be every day, maybe once a month and/or we will take bookings.  We will keep you informed!

Outdoor learning space:

If you are a herbalist, a garden club, study group or a herb school, you are invited to come to teach a class or similar. Please contact us to make a time (on a hopefully sunny day). We could as well boil a kettle for sample herb teas. We can provide some folding tables, kitchen utensils and a marquee if you want to demonstrate how to make herbal preparations.

Conditions of Entry:

By entering into the garden you acknowledge the conditions of entry. It is a private garden and the pathways might be narrow or uneven. We do our best to maintain the garden, but there might be tripping hazards a garden hose or a tool somewhere. Some of the plants are poisonous or highly poisonous if ingested. Children must be supervised at all times and if you can’t leave your dog at home it has to be kept on a short lead. Sorry, we do not have public toilets. Please be mindful when parking your car, we do not have a designated carpark! Please do not open gates of animal enclosures!