About us

We grow self sufficiency

Rare plants from our Backyard for Your backyard!

For your permaculture garden, for your forest garden, for your herb garden, for your shamanic garden - we grow them all.

We are crazy about plants: useful plants, healing plants, edible plants. We propagate them and we sell them. Our nursery is in Katoomba, in cool climate and close to the most awesome bushwalks. Why not visiting our nursery on your next trip to the Blue Mountains?

Our plants are grown in the open, tough as old boots, surviving boiling hot and freezing cold.

garden in snow

We believe that our gardens should be a place of resilience, diversity and beauty in which annual vegetables have their place and perennial edibles too (and flowers of course). You might be too busy, tired or sick and you will still have something to eat, nibble and heal your body.

Apart from selling online we attend local markets fairs and have sales at the nursery.

Nicola Bludau

I am very creative. I studied Architecture but soon I discovered, that I dislike to concrete nature for some new apartement blocks. As soon as I arrived in Australia, I started growing my own vegetables. I realized soon, that the way we grew our vegetables in Germany when I was a kid, does not work here. Since ten years, I am honing my gardening skills through trial and error and a lot of reading. In my mind I am still a planner with a vision. I often imagine how gardens in the urban sprawl could be converted to a stunning food producing oasis.

Michal Sladek

I love propagating plants, gardening and nature. My first gardening experience was helping in my grandmother's garden when I was a boy. I always wanted to work with nature and studied forestry in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Forestry planning was a rather technical job, and I missed having my hands in the dirt.

In Australia I changed to something more hands-on and completed a horticulture degree and a permaculture design certificate. For the last 20 years I was working as a horticulturist, nurseryman and educator in the Community College. Now I run my own gardening business 'Cycle of the Seasons'.

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