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If you wondered why we are offering so little at the moment, we are NOT closing down nor do we retire. It is just winter, we have frosts, we have a fire and the taps are sometimes frozen. Our plants are hibernating, many of them are dormant their upper parts die. Other plants which don't go dormant look a bit battered during winter, but they bounce back in spring!

We grow plants for your self-sufficient garden!

  • Grow a healing garden;
  • Pick your own herbal teas;
  • Eat gourmet herbs every day;
  • Grow perennial edible plants in your permaculture garden or your forest garden!

Where to buy our plants:

Buy our organic plants online, at markets or at our plant nursery! We love collecting rare and unusual herbs, perennial edible plants, plants for permaculture and forest garden. Our cool climate nursery is located in Katoomba.

Browse our complete plant list: All plants


3 easy shipping rates! We charge for postage only not for the packaging!

1-2 plants: $ 7.60

3-6 plants: $ 13.80

7-16 plants: $ 17.60

For more please inquire.

We do send our plants bare rooted, big enough to go into the garden straight away - no tiny plants in tiny pots here!

Plant stall in front of the COOP in Katoomba every first Friday of a month from 9-12am, weather permitting.

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