No online sales!

I decided to give up on selling my plants online. Apart from the ever increasing postage fees which make the  relationship between the value of the plants and the value of the postage worse every time, the time spend packaging and posting of the plants is not worth it.

We still do deliver locally! Free shipping from Katoomba to Emu Plains for orders over $50 For locations in Penrith and Western Sydney, please inquire (it might be on our way!)

However, you still can buy in person at the nursery on a Friday or Saturday morning or on appointment. If you want a certain plant you could email me to make sure that I've got it and simply self serve at my stall and leave the money preferably NOT in the letterbox (BUT you must promise to stay at the stall area for safety reasons - please do not wander around in the garden and the nursery!!!)

I stock my plants as well in Katoomba Garden Gallery, in Katoomba close to the post office and Baker's delight.

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