Plant Swap

Yes, I do swap plants! Underneath is a list of plants I'm after, please contact me if you have anything on the list!

But I am as well after some nice ornamental plants, like fuchsias, forsythias and so on. I trade plants against cuttings I could do in your garden, between Springwood and Lithgow, but what's in you garden should be worth the petrol and time, maybe we would drive even further.

    • Actinidia, unusual well fruiting species (not cultivars of A. deliciosa!)
    • Angelica Keiskei, Ahitaba, fresh (!!!) seeds
    • Asimina triloba seeds or seedlings, cuttings
    • Bunium Bulbocastanum, Pignut; plants or seeds
    • Crocus sativum, Saffron plant or bulb
    • Epimedium, E. grandiflorum, Sagittata, wuhanese, pubescens, macrathum, brevicorum, diphyllum
    • Gymnostemma pentaphyllum, cuttings or plant
    • Lonicera caerula, Haskap berries; seeds, cuttings
    • Panax quinquefolius, American ginseng
    • Panax vietnamensisis
    • Polygonum multiflorum
    • Pueria spp., Kudzu plant or cuttings
    • Rhodiola rosea (and maybe other species) and more!
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