Plants for Local Gardeners

Whether you are a hobbyist or a pro, I propagate some ornamental plants because we all need beauty! I will do more in the future to supply local gardeners with some of the more old fashioned plants. Apart from my medicinals, this is what I have at the moment (February 2019). Nursery is open Fridays and Saturday morning or on appointment. Most plants are priced between $5 and $15. For pretty medicinal plants like echinacea or woodruff, please visit my online store!

  • Helleborus, seedlings, most likely white, 4
  • Lychnis chalecedonia 5 (seedlings first year)
  • Thalictrum spp, seedlings, first year, shade, approx. 1 tray
  • Aruncus dioicus, shade, cream, 20 cm pots, approx. 6
  • Red Valerian 20cm pots, 3
  • Potentilla Mrs. Willmott 12
  • Dierama, fairy fishing rods, soft pink, 7
  • Aquilegias, blue
  • Hemerocalis 'stella bella', 20 cm pot,3
  • Teucrium betonicum 1
  • Canna Lilly 2, 20 cm pot
  • Angelika gigas 3, 20 cm pot
  • Red penstemon, 4, smaller plants
  • Prostate rosemary 1
  • Juglans cinearifolia 5, ca 25 cm high,
  • Mondo grass, 3 trays
  • Hydrangea spp., good sized, most likely pink, 10

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