Wormwood Roman, Artemisia pontica, bare rooted

Roman Wormwood

Smaller than the common wormwood, 60 x 60cm, hardy, full sun, drought tolerant, may be deciduous in colder regions; Strengthens the stomach; For colds; Milder in its properties and less bitter in its properties than the common wormwood; Ingredient in the liqueur Vermouth.

Wormwood African, Artemisia Afra

Silver-grey foliage makes a striking display in any garden. Deciduous perennial to 2 m, full sun drought tolerant. Anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, pain-relieving. Colds, headaches, coughs, fever, earache, malaria, diabetes. Moth, insect and flea repellent.

Wormwood – White Sagebrush, Arthemisia ludoviciana

artemisia ludoviciana

Grown for its magnificent silver-white foliage Full sun, poor dry soil, spreads. Can be burnt to repel mosquitoes. Wash used as a deodorant. Was used in ceremonies to drive away evil spirits. Astringent; was used to induce sweating.

Wooly Tea-Tree, Leptospermum lanigerum, no online sales, nursery only!

Many Leptospermum species were used as a tea substitute by European settlers which believed it would help prevent diseases such as scurvey. The young shoots of Leptospermum were used for urinary disorders. Aboriginals used the leaves of Wooly Tea-Tree for the treatment of scabies and as a medicine for breathing difficulties. The wooly tea-tree is … Read more Wooly Tea-Tree, Leptospermum lanigerum, no online sales, nursery only!

Willow Herb, Epilobium angustifolium

Perennial to 2m, sun or semi-shade. Easy to grow, spreads. Antispasmodic, astringent, demulcent, emollient, hypnotic, laxative and tonic used in the treatment of diarrhoea, mucous colitis and irritable bowel syndrome Prostate problems.