Scented Geranium Peppermint, Pelargonium tomentosum

peppermint scented geraniim

My peppermint-scented geranium grew to two meters across in Katoomba. It has some shade but gets afternoon sun. The herb has a sprawling habit and looks nice cascading over stone walls. The soft-haired leaves smell deliciously of peppermint. Delightful in a potpourri for tea or in cooking. Can be grown in the garden, in a … Read more

Thyme: Mother of Thyme; Thymus praecox subsp. arcticus

Something different for your Thyme Collection! This thyme is native in Western Europe, Britain Iceland Norway France and Spain. Mother of thyme is a low growing evergreen plant for dry, poor preferably calcareous soils and a sunny site. Good between paving stones, in rockeries and pots. The taste is different to other thymes and bitterer. … Read more

Thyme: Mediterranean Wild Thyme, Thymus capitatus

thymus capitatus

This wild thyme growing throughout the hills of the Levant and Mediterranean Middle East. Thymus capitata is a good kitchen thyme and is used in the spice mix za’atar. Medicinally it acts strongly antiseptic, deodorant and disinfectant. The famous ‘oil of oregano’ made of Thymus capitatus. Mediterranean Wild Thyme grows to 0.3 x 0.3 m, … Read more

Thyme, creeping bergamot Thymus serphyllum, bare rooted

This Thymus serphyllumm cultivar forms a bergamot scented mat. It has pink flowers and tiny fuzzy leaves. The herb looks nice in pots, rockeries for edging along pathways and as a low groundcover in a full sun position. It can be used in the kitchen similar to any other thyme. The volatile oil of thymus … Read more

Thyme, BBQ; Thymus mastichina

Great culinary thyme with a pungent eucalyptus-like aroma. Tiny, oval-shaped, green leaves, which have an intense flavour. The plant is also the source of an essential oil, called ‘oil of marjoram’, that is used extensively as a flavouring for soups etc. The leaves, and especially the essential oil contained in them, are strongly antiseptic, deodorant … Read more

Thyme silver lemon, Thymus x citriodorus

This thyme has a similar flavour to lemon thyme.The lemon scented leaves are silver edged, this thyme is an elegant addition to any garden! The small lilac flowers appear in early summer. Nice as a mat forming groundcover, used in beds, between stepping stones and in containers. Likes in well-drained and average, neutral to alkaline … Read more

Thyme Creeping Orange Peel; Thymus nitidus

thyme creeping orange peel

Now available online at our new nursery: Creeping orange peel thyme forms a very lush green carpet with aromatic orange scented leaves. It has mauve flowers in summer. This thyme does not grow more than 5 or 10 cm in height. It is an interesting addition to the kitchen herb garden. The plant looks … Read more

Thyme ‘Pizza’, Thymus Nummuralis

thyme pizza

Now available online at our new food forest plants nursery: This thyme is a very strong grower and you can harvest all the thyme you will need. Easy to grow, looks way prettier than the common thyme with its rounder and greener leaves. Frost hardy.  Culinary uses: Strong flavoured leaves combine the taste of … Read more

Sage, garden sage; Salvia officinalis


This is a sage I found in a friends garden and it seems to be the common garden sage. This sage grows to a substantial bush, one by one meter at least. It has a very pronounced sage flavour and stands well through Katoomba winters. Salvia is a huge genus of plants in the mint … Read more