Scented Geranium Peppermint, Pelargonium tomentosum

peppermint scented geraniim

My peppermint-scented geranium grew to two meters across in Katoomba. It has some shade but gets afternoon sun. The herb has a sprawling habit and looks nice cascading over stone walls. The soft-haired leaves smell deliciously of peppermint. Delightful in a potpourri for tea or in cooking. Can be grown in the garden, in a … Read more

Yomogi; Artemisia princeps – the Artemisia used for Moxibustion and Mochi, 50 mm pot


Now available online at our Food Forest Plants nursery: Do contain the yomogi plant it is a very agressive grower! Grow it in a pot, not in the garden! This is the famous Japanese artemisia used esxtensively in in moxibustion, Japanese folk medicine and to flavour the dish ‘mochi’.Yomogi is an excellent smudging plant … Read more

Wormwood: Tree Wormwood, Artemisia Arborescens, bare-rooted plant

Tree wormwood is indigenous to the Middle East were this very bitter herb is used tea, usually with mint. It was used in small doses for digestive upsets, but beware in larger doses it may have some hallucinogenic properties. Perennial, easy to grow plant, hardy, likes full sun. Prune to keep it looking nice. Common … Read more

Wormwood: Southernwood, Artemisia abrotanum

Southernwood was a highly valued medicinal plant in the Middle Ages. It works similar to other wormwoods, is a bitter digestive herb which was used as an antiseptic, to treat the liver, the spleen and the stomach. It is said to kill intestinal worms. It is a powerful insect repellent and was placed in cupboards … Read more

Wormwood Roman, Artemisia pontica, bare rooted

Roman Wormwood

Smaller than the common wormwood, 60 x 60cm, hardy, full sun, drought tolerant, may be deciduous in colder regions; Strengthens the stomach; For colds; Milder in its properties and less bitter in its properties than the common wormwood; Ingredient in the liqueur Vermouth.

Wormwood African, Artemisia Afra

Now available online at our Food Forest Plants nursery: Silver-grey foliage makes a striking display in any garden. Deciduous perennial to 2 m, full sun drought tolerant. Anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, pain-relieving. Colds, headaches, coughs, fever, earache, malaria, diabetes. Moth, insect and flea repellent.

Wormwood – White Sagebrush, Arthemisia ludoviciana

artemisia ludoviciana

Grown for its magnificent silver-white foliage Full sun, poor dry soil, spreads. Can be burnt to repel mosquitoes. Wash used as a deodorant. Was used in ceremonies to drive away evil spirits. Astringent; was used to induce sweating.

Woodruff, Asperula odorata, pretty forest garden herb


Little sprawling plant for the woodland garden or shaded places. Very ornamental , it looks cute and dainty, especially when in flower. The flowers are white. Likes moisture, however, I never water mine. Wooddruff is mainly known for its use in ‘Maibowle’, were the herb is steeped in white wine together with strawberries or in … Read more

Sweet Violet ‘Dilly Dilly”, Viola Odorata, bare rooted


This violet cultivar almost glows in true lavender blue. The medium sized flowers are held well above the foliage and the fragrance is exceptionally sweet. Bred by Dr. Judy McLeod and it used to be sold at the ‘honeysuckle cottage nursery’. Violets can be  grown in sun or semi-shade  and  prefers moist soil. The flowers … Read more