Lady’s bedstraw, Galium verum

Plant is either sent bare rooted or in a 50 mm pot. It is the plant in the middle of the picture. Herbaceous perennial, dainty groundcover, sun or shade, not for hot climates. Yellow dye from the flowering stems, edible leaves, used as rennet too. Antispasmodic; Astringent; Diuretic; Foot care; Lithontripic (destroying bladder or kidney … Read more Lady’s bedstraw, Galium verum

Costmary, Tanacetum balsamita

tanacetu,m balsamita

Costmary is one of these plants which dies back in winter, it just came back! Costmary is known from ancient herbals and was widely grown in Elizabethan knot gardens. It takes either sun or partial shade, but it needs full sun to produce flowers. Since the leaves are used this usually does not matter. Costmary … Read more Costmary, Tanacetum balsamita

Aloe Vera- for beauty and more

aloe vera

Grow your own Aloe Vera Extract Cheaply! Use Aloe Vera for your Skin: Aloe vera is easy to grow and is way cheaper than buying aloe vera gel and creams. The fresh aloe vera sap it is more potent too. Simply cut a leaf open and ready is the luxury aloe vera skin moisturizer against … Read more Aloe Vera- for beauty and more