Wormwood African, Artemisia Afra

Silver-grey foliage makes a striking display in any garden. Deciduous perennial to 2 m, full sun drought tolerant. Anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, pain-relieving. Colds, headaches, coughs, fever, earache, malaria, diabetes. Moth, insect and flea repellent.

Woodruff, Asperula odorata, pretty forest garden herb


Little sprawling plant for the woodland garden or shaded places. Very ornamental , it looks cute and dainty, especially when in flower. The flowers are white. Likes moisture, however, I never water mine. Wooddruff is mainly known for its use in ‘Maibowle’, were the herb is steeped in white wine together with strawberries or in … Read more

Stinging Nettle, Urtica dioica

stinging nettle

If you don’t grow any medicinal plant in your garden at least grow nettles.Of course it is a weed, but aren’t most of our most powerdul medicinal herbs weeds? The uses of nettles include: treat painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, and anemia. Today, many people use it to treat urinary problems during the … Read more

Sage, garden sage; Salvia officinalis


This is a sage I found in a friends garden and it seems to be the common garden sage. This sage grows to a substantial bush, one by one meter at least. It has a very pronounced sage flavour and stands well through Katoomba winters. Salvia is a huge genus of plants in the mint … Read more

Red clover, Crimson Clover, Trifolium pratense

red clover

This plant is sent bare-rooted and requires your immediate attention! An easy to grow safe and effective herb used for: Cancer prevention, joint disorders, asthma, high cholesterol, menopausal complaints, blood-purification. Sun to part shade, sends out runners. The flowers are the parts mainly used. Red clover is a good bee plant and makes delicious honey. … Read more

Mint: Native Mint, River Mint, Mentha australis

mentha australis

Native Mint: and easy Bush Tucker Plant Native river mint has smaller and more delicate leaves than other mints.It has a similar aroma and similar use than other mints for cooking, tea, colds, flu and as an insect repellant. River mint in the garden: Native mint is a great choice for boggy areas but mine … Read more

Mint, Spearmint, Mentha Spicata

menta spicata

Spearmint THE Classic Mint for the Herb Garden! I was selling all sorts of mints but not the very classic spearmint until several people asked for it! Here it is, needs little description, spearmint is the classic mint for cooking. How about infusing vinegar with spearmint or making your own mint syrup or extract? It … Read more

Mint, Peppermint, Mentha x piperita

I was asked quite often if I would sell just normal peppermint – finally, here it is the normal peppermint! True Peppermint is a sterile hybrid derived from a cross between Mentha aquatica and M. spicata. Sharp, spicy cooling taste Moist, filtered sunlight grows well in pots, cut back.

Mint, Pennyroyal, Mentha Pulegium

mentha pulegium

Pennyroyal flea deterrent for your dog! Pennyroyal oil is toxic Pennyroyal has a very bad reputation, because pennyroyal oil was used to terminate pregnancies and there are several deaths reported. Pennyroyal oil is very toxic, damages the liver, kidney and other organs. Although the deaths are associated with the oil of pennyroyal, it is not … Read more