African Dream Herb Silene Capensis

Silene Capensis

No, I haven’t used the African Dream Herb so far but maybe I should.  Shouldn’t we all care more for our dreams? This herb is said to induce  spectacular vivid dreaming. It was used for millennia by the African Xhosa shamans. The dreams were regarded as healing guidance and knowledge, a present from the ancestors. The herb was used as part of elaborate ceremonies.

Easy to grow plant, not incredibly pretty though:

  • Roots were used to stimulate dreaming.
  • Low-growing herbaceous perennial, likes fertile, well-drained soil and compost.
  • Likes a lot of water.
  • Trimming the tops will stimulate root growth.


Family: Caryophyllaceae

Height + Width:

Frost Hardiness: Hardy in Katoomba




Country of Origin: Eastern Cape of South Africa


Common names: African Dream Root, Undlela Ziimhlophe (White Ways/Paths), Ubulawu



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2 thoughts on “African Dream Herb Silene Capensis”

  1. Sorry I don’t have the plant at the moment! My general stock is super low due to the incessant rain. Nicola


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