Sage Pineapple, Salvia elgans, bare rooted

pimeapple sage

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A lovely scent on a pretty plant and useful in the kichen: Pineapple sage is indigenous to high altitude regions of Guatemala and Mexico. This plant grows to a substantial, decorative bush, 1.5 high to the same width. Fully hardy in the Upper Mountains and very easy to grow. Cut back after frost. Likes a sunny well drained spot.

The crushed leaves have a strong pineapple scent. This flavor is very different from that of garden sage; although there is a sagey element, it’s very subtle, and pineapple sage doesn’t substitute for other culinary sages.
Leaves and flowers are nice in hot and cold teas, to scent your water, in fruit salads, savoury dishes, potpourris and more.

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Height + Width:

Frost Hardiness: Hardy in Katoomba




Country of Origin: Eastern Cape of South Africa


Common names: African Dream Root, Undlela Ziimhlophe (White Ways/Paths), Ubulawu



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