Valerian, Valeriana officinalis

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It is widely known that valerian root is used to calm the nervous system and helps you to sleep. Actually, you can use the leaves in a calming tea too, but with a weaker action.
True valerian must not mixed up with  a cottage garden plant red valerian (Centranthus ruber), not very closely related. While red valerian is not poisonous and the leaves even said to be edible, it has no medical action.
Can you imagine that valerian flower extracts were used as a perfume in the 16th century? The scent of valerian is definitively not to everyboy’s liking.

Because the compounds in valerian produce central nervous system depression, they should not be used with other depressants, such as ethanol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opiates, kava, or antihistamine drugs.
To help calm the body to sleep, the University of Maryland Medical Center suggests making a tea by pouring 1 cup of boiling water over 1 tsp. or 2 to 3 g of dried root and steep it for five to 10 minutes.You may find that you need to take valerian for a while before it starts to work. Effects may not be felt until taking the herb every day for at least one month. .

Spring and fall are the best times to harvest valerian’s roots and thin plants as needed.

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Family: Caryophyllaceae

Height + Width:

Frost Hardiness: Hardy in Katoomba




Country of Origin: Eastern Cape of South Africa


Common names: African Dream Root, Undlela Ziimhlophe (White Ways/Paths), Ubulawu



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