Wormwood: Tree Wormwood, Artemisia Arborescens, bare-rooted plant

Tree wormwood is indigenous to the Middle East were this very bitter herb is used tea, usually with mint. It was used in small doses for digestive upsets, but beware in larger doses it may have some hallucinogenic properties.

Perennial, easy to grow plant, hardy, likes full sun. Prune to keep it looking nice.

Common names: old woman, silvery wormwood,  Sheeba in Arabic.

Latin names: Artemisia argentea, Artemisia elegans 

Family: Caryophyllaceae

Height + Width:

Frost Hardiness: Hardy in Katoomba




Country of Origin: Eastern Cape of South Africa


Common names: African Dream Root, Undlela Ziimhlophe (White Ways/Paths), Ubulawu



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1 thought on “Wormwood: Tree Wormwood, Artemisia Arborescens, bare-rooted plant”

  1. This horrible weed has invaded my pasture, and I am wondering what to spray on it to kill it without killing the grass.


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