Motherwort, Leonurus cardiaca, Easy to Grow Herb for the Heart and Nervous System


An easily grown heart and woman’s herb, with calming effects on the nervous system.

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A herb for the heart with a long-standing history and was used to it strengthens the heart and the nervous system. Motherwort is mentioned in “The Complete Herbal”, published in 1652 by Nicholas Culpeper. He describes how the herb makes women calm, and how it positively affects many mothers after child delivery.

This heart herb is also a bitter herb and therefore stimulates the digestive system. Herbalists also use it for alcoholism and menopause.

In Chinese medicine, motherwort is called yìmǔcǎo 益母草 and is considered to be bitter, spicy, slightly cold, and is used for the pericardium, liver. Here is a good article about the use of motherwort:

The tea is very bitter therefore it is mainly turned into a tincture, honey, or glycerite.


In the Garden: 

Motherwort is very easy to grow and does self-seed in areas with a cold winter. It is winter-dormant. I did not find it invasive though. The feathery leaves are pretty and it is a striking, fast-growing plant. It grows in poor soil, sun or shade and prefers moisture. The herb is hardy in all areas of Australia, I don’t know how it will perform is the subtropics or tropics, if you have experience, please let me know!

What you get:

You will get a herb plant in a 50 mm pot, please either pot up or plant out soon after you receive the plant!

Common names:

Lion’s tail, heartwort; Agripaume, Herbe battudo (French); Agripalma, Melissa salvatica (Italian); Aartgespan, Hartgespan (Dutch); yi mu cao (Chinese); yakumos
(Japanese); ikmoch’o (Korean); Hjärtstilla, bonässla; äkta hjärtstilla (ssp. cardiaca), ullig hjärtstilla (ssp. villosus) (Swedish); Løvehale (Norwegian); Almindelig Hjertespand (Danish); Nukula (Finnish); Echtes Herzgespann, Echtes Lövenschwanz (German); Løvehale (Norwegian); Scerdecznik pospolity (Polish); Agripalma, marihuanilla (Spanish)


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