Foxglove Grecian, Wooly Foxglove, Digitalis Lanata

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This plant is very poisonous! Can be fatal! Plant is supplied bare rooted and requires immediate attention!

Despite being very toxic this is still a great looking cottage garden flower, easy to grow and mine start flowering in dappled shade.

Digitalis lantana is used for heart complaints as it contains powerful cardiac glycosides. Great care should be exercised in the use of this plant, the therapeutic dose is very close to the lethal dose.

It is by no means suitable for self-medication.

However, it is an old time favourite in gardens and makes a stunning display.

It is an evergreen perennial or biennial growing to about half a meter. This foxglove grows in sun or semi shade.

Synonyms: Digitalis epiglottidea. Digitalis orientalis. Digitalis winterli .


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