Yacon crowns available now! Limited stock, they will go fast!


I harvested my yacons and a limited amount of corns and crowns is available. It is approximately the portion shown on the picture, around 200-300 grams. The package contains crown pieces, sometimes whole crowns and corms. The pieces might be cut up further. The quantity should be enough to give you all the yacons you need.

It can be cut up as long as every piece has at least an eye like for potatoes but I would leave the pieces bigger because they are less susceptible. Last year I planted them right away in autum and they stayed in the ground over winter. I guess that I have lost some crowns this way. Some growers store them in moist soil over winter in a frost free place. I would mulch the bed quite a bit. My yacons usually leaf out quite late. More information about yacon you find under in my other yacon product page.


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