Yomogi; Artemisia princeps - the Artemisia used for Moxibustion and Mochi, 50 mm pot

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You will get one plant in a 50 mm pot as shown in the second picture.

Do contain the yomogi plant it is a very agressive grower! Grow it in a pot, not in the garden!

This is the famous Japanese artemisia used esxtensively in in moxibustion, Japanese folk medicine and to flavour the dish 'mochi'.
Yomogi is an excellent smudging plant producing a smooth and cooling smoke that purifies the air and dispels negativity. Yomogi is sometimes used as a cold-hardy substitute to white sage.
Herbalists use Yomogi against chronic inflammatory conditions, eczema, dermatitis, asthma, hay fever, chronically inflamed joints, infections, malaria and for beautifying the skin.
Herbaceous perennial native to Japan. It is a very vigorous plant which spreads rapidly by underground roots. Grow in well drained neutral or slightly alkaline soil in a sunny and dry position.
In China it is known as huanghua ai (黄花艾, literally yellow-flower mugwort)


Dr Schar

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