Tasting Water Dropwort and easy to grow perennial vegetable

oenante javanica
Water plants are great!

Edible Plants For Tight Spaces:

Tubs or watertight pots filled with edible greens are extremely useful in confined spaces like balconies, courtyards or tiny gardens. They are far less susceptible to dry out than plants in pots. Most semi-aquatics take varying water levels or even seasonally dry soils. Why not planting edible plants in water features? These kind of gardens are easy to take with you in case you have to move!

Grow  Water Dropwort, an easy and perennial green:

One of the fast-growing perennial greens for shallow water is water dropwort (Oenanthe javanica) or water celery, used in Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian cuisines. One day, I’ll cook one of these authentic dishes, so far I used it in a more European way. I removed the thick part of the stalks and cut the greens up. I was pleasantly surprised; there is no overly strong celery-like taste to it. It is a mild and versatile green with a hint of celery.

water dropwort

For your health: the leaves are very high in minerals and vitamins, notably vitamin E and Beta-carotene. It is one of the so-called ‘ulam’ herbs of South-East Asia which are consumed raw as a condiment. The herbs are believed to have medicinal benefits and their regular intake can prevent degenerative diseases, delay aging and improve overall health.

Do not gather water dropwort plant in the wild! It belongs to a genus which contains very poisonous plants and it has several poisonous look-alikes!

Water dropwort is likely frost hardy in most places in Australia.

The plant will probably not be available during winter: water dropwort plants.

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