Tree Pruning – NOT a work for cheap contractors!


If you think tree pruning is hard yakka, which is better left to some rough and tough boys demanding strength and no knowledge you might end up with some dead trees. Beautiful generations-old trees can be ruined in one poor pruning job – pruning might be hard yakka but required knowledge too.

Today, we worked at a place where there is not one single healthy tree left!

Random pruning not only destroys the shape and beauty of the tree, but it also lets the subsequent branches growing in a weird way – after some years it looks even more awkward! If you prune, it’s not only about what to cut away but how will your pruning affect growth in the future.


Cutting thick branches right in the middle looks terrible! But worse it creates wounds which cannot and will not heal and sooner rather than later diseases will enter at that point and the tree will rot from the inside. The same pattern at the tree below. Trees are not hedges. If you trim them like a hedge – simply pruning from the outside you’ve done a terrible job and likely killed that tree!

Before getting a contractor out, please ask for his qualifications or at least look at other job’s he has done. Tree trimming is no rocket science either, many hobby gardeners do perfect jobs!

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  1. Every timd I try to get to the page about how to mske eure ai recognise dhickweed the link takes me to the tree pruning page


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